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Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich

Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich
Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich
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Alpine Runners Race To Liberty Team Challenge

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Race to Liberty Final Results
By Mary Hunt
Posted on 7/5/2020 7:09 PM

The Race to Liberty is finished!

The good news is all of the teams made it to the statue. The bad news is the statue is closed due to COVID-19.  Undaunted, the teams took a quick selfie and then kept going!  Someone in the pack (it may have been one of the Alpine Islanders after a few too many Manhattans) suggested they go on to Newark, because it’s supposed to be a pretty route?

The final tallies are in:

1.     A-Force: To everyone’s astonishment, this team took and held the lead. We would like to award A-Force a prize, but they were so far ahead they left the statue long ago and are in Albany, on their way to Canada for better air quality.

2.     Alpine Island: As I have been saying for a long time, a couple of drinks are medicinal! Well, they did not slow down the islanders who finished second. (Perhaps, all the vitamin C from their juice drinks helped?)

3.     Twisted Blister: Just inches behind are the speedsters of Twisted Blister. They saw that they were in the hunt and rose to the challenge. They are now back running and on their way to Poughkeepsie, never to be outdone.

4.     Olympians:  This group of competitors never said die. With names like Niko Strong, Demeter, Aphrod-Ellie, Megatry M, Susain Bolt, and LA Olympiana, they far exceeded their goals and took their torch onward through the national forests for some added challenge.

5.     The Dream Team: Consisting of Courtney Dauwalter, Rinny, Shalane, Camille Herron, Kathrine Switzer, and Barefoot Ted, this self-assured team appeared to always be in control. They started and stayed out front exceeding every goal and expectation that they had. They too are on the road north!

6.     Running Pain Now Beer Later: I apologize to this team for never getting their name right. If it were wine related, this would not have been an issue!  This team was organized, had a plan, and took it to the next level. This group has also decided to skip the sights of Newark and head up north via the state parks.

7.     The Runners Alliance: These teammates were steadfast in their goal. They were slowed by injury but scoffed and took that as another challenge. They have passed the statue and are now at the ferry line waiting to get to Jersey.

8.     The Looney Alps: Headed by Tweety, this team of Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Speedy Gonzalez, Road Runner, and Pepé Le Pew made a plan and stuck to it! They stopped in front of the closed statue and are now racing to also catch the ferry to see if they can still use the same ticket to return.

9.     Steph’s Angels: This team plotted its plan to a T. They made it the statue without a problem and, like their competitors before them, decided to keep going and see what else might be actually open and of interest in NYC.

10.  The New Avengers: Led by Captain America, this team (Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch) planned their goals and then stayed true to their plan. They are at the foot of the statue wondering why the ticket line is so short.

11.  Just Run: This team has made it to the island with just enough minutes to spare. They are racing to the base of the statue with just enough to make the climb. Oh no...


Remember the goal was to make it to the Statue of Liberty! To those of you who are at the statue, you developed a plan and followed it to perfection. Great work to you all! To all of you who can’t sit back and let anyone else ever be ahead of you (please don’t ever sign up for the same races as me), you guys stayed focused, reached down for everything you had, and inspired us all. 


Thanks to all for participating!  The focus questions and answers will also be posted soon, so we can learn more about each other and some useful tips as well.